Ace Your Dinner by Following These Basic Dining Ethics

These are some minor dining ethics that leave a huge impact. A dining table is not only about devouring food but decently enjoying the tasty meal with respect.

Abdul Aziz Khan
5 min readJul 23, 2021
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Have you ever wondered about dining ethics at home? Well, these are almost the same as those taught to us by our elders and parents. I’m not in a place to teach someone the dining ethics, but what I’ve seen and learned on the dining table so far is that,

“No matter how tasty the food is, you can spread the vibe of deliciousness by your dining ethics & win hearts just by eating.”

And through my experience, if you are of my culture and love feasts and dinner invitations, then memorise these dining ethics by your heart. You will be surely amazed after realising that simple etiquettes even on the dining table can make someone’s day.

Here we begin.

Wait for the Host

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Make it a habit! The habit of being patient and nice even before taking the first morsel of the dinner. No calamity will strike you if you wait a bit longer for the host to join you for dinner. And if you are from those “the food will go cold,” then try to learn how to be patient else things won’t remain easy for you in the future.

Wait, and Let Your Food Drop Its Temperature

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In most dinner cases here, the food is served pretty hot. Yes, and that’s when you can wait for your food to cool a bit down, and meanwhile, the host will join you. Don’t dare to act like a starving beast, please! Worse than burning your tongue, if a nasty kid is watching you on the dining table, you may lose your reputation by getting the title of “The Hungry Wolf.”

Keep Your Mouth Closed During the Meal

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I hope you understand what’s the problem if you start a public display of what you are chewing. Believe me, no one wanna see what you are mincing in your mouth. If someone wishes to see what you are doing with the food that you just took in, the person surely won’t hesitate to ask directly. Better to keep your mouth closed until asked. Also, be careful not to be talking while chewing the food. You may end up firing a barrage of semi-chewed wet bread shrapnel on the person sitting in front of you!

Don’t Use Mobile on the Dining Table

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This one is pretty common and equally disrespectful. You spend most of your life with your mobile phone. If you are still doing the same on the dining table, you better change this bad habit. Doing so shows you have joined the dinner table, however, you are ignoring the people eating with you. How would you feel if someone does the same with you? Try to be empathetic.

If there is an urgent piece of work, you would know. Only then can you make an excuse and pick up your phone.

Taste the Food First, then Add Condiment if Required

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This is important when it comes to respecting the food and the cook. Albeit you add salt and pepper to your every meal, make sure you sacrifice your habit just for one bite. And then you can add condiments as much as you want; no one will stop you. It’s because the host wants you to taste the original flavour that came directly from her or his hands to your mouth. No add-ons. That’s a heart winner tbh!

Keep Up the Normal Pace While Eating

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This may sound new, but it’s actually not. Whenever you go at a dinner invitation, make sure that you match your eating pace with the others. If you are a fast eater, you won’t have any problem. But if you eat slowly and enjoy every atom of the food like me, then you may find it difficult to increase the pace to match the overall speed of the dinner. You can practice it at home, and it won’t take much time.

Say “Thanks” to the Host

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Always, I mean always. If you didn’t enjoy the food, thank the host for inviting you. You can give a compliment later, but don’t forget to thank your host. It’s a gesture of kindness and being awesome. It doesn’t matter if your host prepared the meal in traditional manual style or with Wi-Fi-enabled pellet grills; you must not miss the chance of saying Thank You for the generous effort. And inviting for a meal is no doubt a sign of the bighearted people.

Final Words

See? These are just simple dining ethics that can make you better than others. I don’t want you to compete with others. My intention is to make you realise that even the smallest acts that usually go unnoticed can reward you in unexpected ways.



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