Align These 5 Traits in Your Life to Become a Leader

Find out how can you become a leader today!

Abdul Aziz Khan
5 min readAug 11, 2021
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The word Leader has become a fad in the 21st century. I don’t know the reason, but I do know that one who calls himself a leader can’t be a leader. And also, leaders are not that big in numbers. Then how come freshies calling themselves a leader even though they didn’t realise the fact that leading an academic project doesn’t make you a leader!

In business terms, leaders are not those who boost the sales of blankets in the upcoming winter season but those who have the 5 traits that are discussed in this blog.

I, too, don’t confess that I’m a leader (no pun intended), but if we immerse in history, we can easily distinguish between a true leader and the leader of today. Throughout my entire life so far, I concluded that leaders are sourced from 3 origins:

- Some are born leaders. You frequently hear this statement, but what does that mean? It means that there are people who get leadership through inheritance. Their ancestors used to lead entire nations, and now this leadership has been transferred into them through blood. Call it leadership is in their DNA!

- Some embrace leadership at an early age. These people have no leaders if you look at their ancestral history. But the mentorship they get, the teachers who give them knowledge, training, and wisdom make them leaders.

- Some become leaders after hard work. This origin of a leader is today’s topic because if you don’t relate yourself to the above 2 points, it’s the best time to find out that there is a leader hidden inside you, sleeping and waiting for a spark of the revolution.

To awake that leader, you have to align the following 5 traits in your life to make yourself a leader.

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1. Vision

Vision describes what you want to accomplish in your life, encompassing the religious, societal, and relational aspects. A vision is something that needs critical planning under today and tomorrow’s circumstances.

On an individual level, you must set your vision of life because visionless people are not leaders. Once you create and recognise your vision, your whole life becomes aligned to it, and the people around you will automatically share your vision in their daily practice.

2. Brave Enough to Say the Truth

Leaders have the quality to tell the truth without fearing anyone but God. They know what’s right and wrong, and according to the situation, they can tell the truth with the minimum infliction of pain.

This quality becomes so strong in a leader that if a liar confronts him, that liar will get caught. And if a righteous speaks the truth, he’d be rewarded. The leader’s quality of being truthful ascends his character among the people, and the Almighty provides the ultimate reward.

3. Brave Enough to Listen to the Truth

This one is different because it resonates with the complete life of a leader among people. The leader is all open to listening to the truth, and by that, he literally follows every guideline devised by the Divine. The leader observes true aspects closely and follows every step because he knows that the truth will bring him eternal success at any cost.

No doubt, being truthful is not easy. That’s why being a true leader is not that simple too.

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4. Emotionally Balanced

A leader has emotions, and you can’t deny that. But those emotions never dominate his intellect. This emotional balance is the key to a justful leader.

The balance in emotions is necessary because the leader will become harsh towards his followers without emotions if you look at the extreme side. His decisions will hurt the community, and then he no longer will be revered in society.

On the contrary, an emotional leader will lose the scale of justice because his decisions will judge on the basis of sentiments, not on the actual case. That’s why an emotionally balanced leader can lead a nation with justice and wise decision making.

5. Intellectually Sound

Apart from emotions, intellect is one of the strengths of a true leader. An intellectually sound leader will never let his emotions overshadow his intellect.

A leader must be intellectually sound so that his wisdom can see the big picture when a crisis occurs. An intellectually sound leader can only decide the best outcome for the state, rather than putting the whole nation at stake just for a minor loss.

These 5 traits become the pillar in a leader’s life. If any of the pillars get weaken, the leadership begins to tremble. Let me tell you how.

If you find a leader who has all the qualities except vision, you won’t get the vibe that something is missing unless you find out that this leader has no clue where is he heading.

A visionless leader has no dream & follows no purpose in life.

Suppose a leader lacks the ability to say the truth regardless of the reasons. This missing quality of not saying the truth can dearly cost a leader because, in his entire life, he will fear the truth.

If a leader can’t listen to the truth, he will lose people’s favour, and his leadership will not last long. People will conspire against him, and eventually, he will be overthrown by his own people.

A leader who doesn’t keep balance in his emotions will be considered either cruel or a biased leader. Society will hate such a leader, and in no time, his reign will fall due to not keeping a balance in his emotions while making important decisions.

The leader’s intellect is famous due to his farsightedness. His strategical mindset strengthens his nation and withers the enemy. He shares his intellect with his successor and other qualified people of the community. If he is not intellectually sound, then the entire nation becomes vulnerable to getting captive by other stronger nations.

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You should know that becoming a leader is not an easy job. You have to inculcate these 5 traits of leaders in your daily routine. Your life must stand on these 5 pillars, and that’s not enough. Your leadership must get its power by keep practising those 5 characteristics so that people will make you their leader without any doubt.

The last thing about a leader is that he achieves the next level of consciousness. What I mean is unlike ordinary people who just dream and imagine, a leader will have a dream. He’ll work on it until every follower begins to have the same dream, and that’s how a leader shares his dream and make others dream like him!



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