Be Happy Without Hurting Yourself

Learn to live a happy life without hurting yourself or others. Even the penalty for hurting yourself for temporary happiness is severe.

Abdul Aziz Khan
3 min readJul 28, 2021
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Sounds strange, right? Well, it is!

The concept of happiness is beautiful. One’s emotions become joyous just by thinking something good. For example, if I think that tomorrow is the weekend and I’ll go out to enjoy the evening with my friends, I’ll feel happy. Not just that, sometimes, the reminiscence of something beautiful in the past makes our day.

You see, we are not doing something physical, and still, we are happy. Let’s now talk about what acts make us happy?

It’s your 25th birthday, and your uncle gave you a gift. You opened the gift, and to your surprise, it’s the massage gun that you discussed at a family gathering last month. You became delighted not just because of the gift but because of the level of affection and unconditional care from your uncle. You never expected such a kind gesture from him.

When you don’t expect from others, even the smallest acts make you happy!

This is the happiness of receiving. And for the people of faith, the happiness of giving is much bigger than that.

This is the first lesson that I learned. Now here is the big part.

How People Find Happiness by Hurting Themselves?

Drinking alcohol is forbidden. And if you try to find a logical reason for that, I’d say you better not because when the Almighty commands us to do or not to do something, we just have to accept that. We are not in a place to raise questions on the Divine decree.

Although alcohol, or let’s say any other addictive drug, gives temporary pleasure and sometimes takes us to the world tour, and we feel delighted for the time being, but even science has proved the consequences of such disobedience.

If you focus on why most people drink, you will find they are trying to overcome sadness, or they are overpowered by their happiness.

From the perspective of this world, the result of drinking is clear. You may be thrown behind bars for going against the government’s law. People may beat the hell out of you, but you won’t feel the pain at the moment. You may get punished by the court when you get your consciousness back. And the consequence regarding your health is a whole different topic.

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From the spiritual context, you are hurting yourself in pursuit of happiness. How?

Suppose you are drinking in a nice private place. You are thinking that you are all alone and enjoying every sip of pleasure. You are afraid too that no one sees you drinking. Deep inside, there is your soul feeling guilty. You are getting knocks from the inside. These two feelings occur when you are doing something wrong. It’s our innate ability, thanks to God, and it makes us realise that we are never alone. The Almighty is with us all the time, watching us.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to run away from misery or are extremely happy; you are preparing the wrath of God for you on Judgement Day because you are disobeying Him. You are in your consciousness, deliberately drinking and ignoring those spiritual strokes that are coming from inside.

That’s how people find happiness by hurting themselves. Just for the sake of desires, people sell their beliefs for mundane pleasure. Less do they know that the reward of abiding by the Divine law regarding personal desires is so enormous that one can’t even imagine. But it’s heart-wrenching when people trade their faith for temporary pleasure.

Last but not least, such trade-off that buys worldly temptations is a big loss, or I’d say a permanent loss because this life will end after a few years, but what will happen when we wake up again and find out that there is no death that can save us from the God’s punishment?



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