Happiness Resides in Minimal Lifestyle

The minimal approach to living life brings us closer to the Almighty. Less the distractions are, more spiritual peace there is!

A camel traveling in the desert (just like us who are also travellers moving towards death and the hereafter).
Picture Credits: Pexels

The Vagueness

There is some kind of vagueness related to following a minimal lifestyle and living an underprivileged life. After racking my brain on that, I concluded that the minimal lifestyle is beyond the social class. It’s beyond the money one possesses. It’s something about the consciousness of one’s way of spending life.

Money is a Part of Life. Life is Not a Part of Money!

If you take money as a part of life, you will understand the true value of money. It’s better to read it that way: in the lifespan of 30–40 years, no matter how much money you make, a day will come, and all your wealth will not suffice against the will of God.

half-burnt cigarette on top of coins with a human skull in the background.
Picture Credits: Pexels

The Minimal Lifestyle

The minimal lifestyle suggests consciously spend a life in which everything is balanced. Even if you are making thousands of bucks weekly, you must be aware that one day, every penny will be of no help. So act wisely and be generous in terms of wealth. Never possess more than you need. If you are confused about how much stuff you should possess, there’s a simple litmus test for that.



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Abdul Aziz Khan

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