Happiness Resides in Minimal Lifestyle

The minimal approach to living life brings us closer to the Almighty. Less the distractions are, more spiritual peace there is!

Abdul Aziz Khan
5 min readAug 9, 2021
A camel traveling in the desert (just like us who are also travellers moving towards death and the hereafter).
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There is a concept of ‘Less is More.’ In my childhood, I never heard of it. Maybe because I never saw someone actually practicing it or even talking about it. Only thing I observed was that the people were making more and more money. Day and night, they were giving much of their time to work.

By looking at their struggle, I became the person of the same mentality when I reached the border of young adulthood. I remember that no one ever taught me directly that money is everything, but what I used to see in my surrounding delivered me a similar message. And on top of it, no mentor was there to guide me to the real purpose of life.

One day, I watched a talk of a random guy who gave the concept of ‘less is more’ with real-life examples. I didn’t forget him, but I remember that at first, I was slightly misguided in that concept.

The Vagueness

There is some kind of vagueness related to following a minimal lifestyle and living an underprivileged life. After racking my brain on that, I concluded that the minimal lifestyle is beyond the social class. It’s beyond the money one possesses. It’s something about the consciousness of one’s way of spending life.

There is no restriction in earning good wealth until it crosses the barrier of legality provided by the Divine law. You are all good to wear elegant clothes, drive a lavish car, and eat good food. But once you get too attached to all these luxuries, the real problem begins.

That’s why the minimal lifestyle is the best approach to keep your focus on the true purpose of life.

Money is a Part of Life. Life is Not a Part of Money!

If you take money as a part of life, you will understand the true value of money. It’s better to read it that way: in the lifespan of 30–40 years, no matter how much money you make, a day will come, and all your wealth will not suffice against the will of God.

Unlike a majority of the people, to avoid regret on that day, you should realise that focusing on what will remain in this world after you are gone is futile. Today if you showcase your wealth and feel proud of yourself, tomorrow, you will regret it. That’s a fact.

But if you live a modest life in which you are keeping a fine balance between needs and wants, you will have true happiness. Such a life is praiseworthy without a doubt. Even though people will criticise you for being a psychopath and not attaining a royal lifestyle, you don’t have to let the naysayers get under your skin.

I’ve seen a lot of people who are living peacefully, but one day, they decide to spend their wealth prodigally. First, I thought that they must be fulfilling their wishes. But after a few weeks, they literally went broke. Their domestic issues boosted, and their life became nothing less than hell. Out of curiosity, I then came to know that people in their company tend to criticise them frequently for being living like a dervish.

Such stride feedbacks are often difficult to handle, but you have to bear every difficulty of this world to get the reward in the afterlife. There is nothing bad in possessing less.

Suppose you are a family of four. Why must you go to build a bungalow for just 4 persons? Or buy an eight-seater? If you are sound in your ideology of spending such a huge amount of money, no one has the right to stop you. But on the critics of the others, if you are throwing yourself into a pit without knowing how to climb back, then you would pay dearly for this silliness and make your dependents suffer as well.

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The Minimal Lifestyle

The minimal lifestyle suggests consciously spend a life in which everything is balanced. Even if you are making thousands of bucks weekly, you must be aware that one day, every penny will be of no help. So act wisely and be generous in terms of wealth. Never possess more than you need. If you are confused about how much stuff you should possess, there’s a simple litmus test for that.

Look for the stuff that’s been not in your use for months, let’s say 4 months. If you think such kind of stuff will be of no use in the near future, get rid of it else it will definitely occupy your mind. The best way is to give away those items with pure intention. Once you are free from such stuff, you will literally feel mental and physical relief. Your life will be happier and more prosperous, and you will have an ample amount of time to focus on what really matters in this life and in the hereafter.

Possessing so much stuff is not a good practice. First, you won’t be able to manage time efficiently. This will lead you to have a load of work on your shoulders, and soon your peace will vanish. Second, you will be emotionally disturbed. Your attachment with such temporaries will become severe day by day. You will easily lose yourself and get furious about little things. So no more happiness in your beloved ones. And third, you will become weak in concentrating on important tasks. Your decision-making will gradually suck, and eventually, you will be converted into a puppet who has become addicted to the world.

So, I would recommend you start considering moving towards a minimal life. Of course, you will have so many obstacles in the beginning. Let me warn you that before anyone else, your own self will riot against you. Later, the closed ones will lambast you, but after some time, if you keep following the Divine purpose, everything will be smooth and under control, including happiness and peace.



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