How Can You Enjoy Every Moment of Winter Season Like a Badass?

Read the 5 tips to make the most of this winter like never before!

Abdul Aziz Khan
4 min readAug 23, 2021
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How do you know if the winter season has arrived?

The temperature drops down, nights become longer, blankets and jackets are out, right? That’s true. But I hear most people complaining that it’s difficult for them to endure the cold. It’s natural, and I can’t deny it because I too take extra precautions for the winter seasons.

Although there is nothing wrong with the summer season, you gotta admit that winter has its own flex! Once you realise that the winter is approaching, you better get yourself mentally prepared because now I am sharing a few quick hacks on how to cash in every moment of the upcoming winter season.


Your wish to try your favourite hoody-in-blanket comes true. Unlike summers, you can put on multiple combinations of clothes to look sassy and enjoy chilled winds at the same time. Snowcaps, outerwear, gloves, socks, footwear; the list is never-ending! It’s easy to gear yourself up with more than one clothes at a low temperature while leaving your house. Even you can roam in anti-winter clothing in your abode like a pure badass.

Note: Keep your head and feet exposed most of the time while at home. That will keep the body temperature and blood flow normal.


Since the nights are longer in winters, your body gets relaxed pretty quick. You have an ample amount of time in the night, and nothing more enjoyable can be done but firing up the woods. Be it your patio or backyard; a simple bonfire can increase the surrounding’s temperature. No need for an additional heater to stay warm. You can prepare delicious soup to enhance the appetite and activate the new digital pellet grill for a tasty meal.

Note: Don’t get too near to the fire if you are wearing polyester-made clothing. Your outerwear is vulnerable if exposed to direct heat.

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Dry Fruits

It’s uncommon to eat dry fruits in our daily routine. But in winters, access to dry fruits becomes easier. To keep your blood warm without any side effects, have some dry fruits regularly. The winter season neutralises the potent effect of dry fruits, hence keeping you warm and vigilant. The body remains active till you hit the bed and no cold attacks you throughout the night. Here are some suggestions: Raisin, almond, fig, cashew, and peanut.

Note: Always eat dry fruits in the morning. Your dietary balance can get disturbed if you take the dry fruits at night consecutively.

Dine Out

The best thing I love about winters! You can enjoy even the simplest of the meals in the open air, under the millions of twinkling little stars with the bright moonlight. You don’t need AC to control the temperature. A cool little breeze will do the hard work. The soothing aura of cold nights makes everything pleasant. With your beloved, normal dining out becomes amazing. You dress up beautifully, and don’t worry about getting sweaty.

Note: Do check out the menu available at the restaurant. The menu usually gets updated, and your meal must be season friendly.


Cold morning is the best time to recharge your body. If you miss that, the chances are high that the rest of the day would go lazy for you. It’s not easy to leave your bed in winters, but the harder the task is, the bigger is the reward. Take a morning walk and let your body release the sweat. This keeps a pretty fine balance among blood, sugar, salt, and testosterone levels.

Note: Once you get back home, let your body dry first. Avoid going into the open air while you are soaked in sweat.

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Except the evening of winters, I’ve devised the above plan and believe me, you will enjoy this winter more if you follow these winter hacks. The thing about the evening is, while you come back home from work, the sun is almost set due to the long nights. Therefore, instead of going to bed, it’s better to sit and relax. Going to bed means that you’ll probably doze off.

The trend of taking more tea and coffee in winters is common, but be aware that excess of anything becomes an addiction, and addiction has done no good to anyone, even from the religious or ethical perspective.



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