I Don’t Wanna Listen!

After hitting maturity, one must focus on listening to others rather than talking. There is a reason why we have 2 ears but 1 tongue.

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Not Listening is Worse Than Killing!

There was a guy who was bestowed with great knowledge and wisdom. Although he was in his 30s still, his quality of work in his professional career was beyond perfection. He was a genius and had a high profile comparatively. His seniors were less competent, due to which he occupied the seat of a senior position, albeit his age was the only factor that made him ineligible.

people listening to a depressed person.
Picture Credits: Creationcenter

What Do You Think is the Problem?

Not giving time to people to listen to them! That was the only thing needed to save a person from experiencing something worse than death. But no. People think that if their life is normal, everyone’s is normal. If they are happy, they forget that they’ve been blessed because not everyone gets the same happiness as they do. If they are bestowed with knowledge, their ego makes them feel they are superior.

Listening is More Valuable Than Speaking/Talking

Only if we start listening to people around us, we’d know who is dying from inside. Due to shyness and fear of public judgement, most people don’t speak up. They hesitate in sharing what’s the bothering factor in their life. Although they try to hide such feelings but at the end of the day, they burst into tears.



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