I Don’t Wanna Listen!

After hitting maturity, one must focus on listening to others rather than talking. There is a reason why we have 2 ears but 1 tongue.

Abdul Aziz Khan
4 min readAug 10, 2021
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One of the most serious problems people of today have is they lack the ability to listen. Don’t get confused because they are not deaf. They are all ears, they have the sense of hearing, but they don’t listen.

When you hear some sound, you become attentive to it. For example, cars honking outside a peaceful place, like a yoga studio. That’s the reaction from your sensory nerves backed up by the sense of hearing. Any kind of sound audible enough will trigger the brain to focus on that sound. If that sound is not important for you, you will hear it but not attentively, which means you won’t listen to any unimportant sound.

But what if the source of the sound asks you to listen? What then?

Not Listening is Worse Than Killing!

There was a guy who was bestowed with great knowledge and wisdom. Although he was in his 30s still, his quality of work in his professional career was beyond perfection. He was a genius and had a high profile comparatively. His seniors were less competent, due to which he occupied the seat of a senior position, albeit his age was the only factor that made him ineligible.

He demanded a good salary, and the company didn’t have an option to reject such a gem. So much favour spoils a child. The same was happening to him. Ego began to overshadow his generous character, and one day, he did something crueller than killing a person.

People around him knew that he is so knowledgeable, wise, and his intellect is unrivalled. Little did they know that his character has been spoiled due to his own imprudence.

One of the colleagues, distressed and in agony due to his personal issues, came to that guy and asked that he wants to talk.

Before anything, the wise guy responded in a condescension tone: “first, listen to me. I know what you are going through. Be patient and bear the suffering because this is in your fortune. Patience is the only way out. Therefore it’s better we save each other’s time and do our own duty!”. Without saying a word, the depressed person went back with a heavy heart.

Such rejection shattered his heart because his personal affairs were reached the boiling point. Committing suicide was the only relief for him, but he was bounded due to his family. He wasn’t able to concentrate on work. He just wanted someone wise who could listen to him. Well, after a few days, his poor performance made him receive the termination letter, and he accepted his fate happily. Later, news came that he has been paralysed due to severe depression and has been sent to the hospital.

people listening to a depressed person.
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What Do You Think is the Problem?

Not giving time to people to listen to them! That was the only thing needed to save a person from experiencing something worse than death. But no. People think that if their life is normal, everyone’s is normal. If they are happy, they forget that they’ve been blessed because not everyone gets the same happiness as they do. If they are bestowed with knowledge, their ego makes them feel they are superior.

Listening is More Valuable Than Speaking/Talking

Only if we start listening to people around us, we’d know who is dying from inside. Due to shyness and fear of public judgement, most people don’t speak up. They hesitate in sharing what’s the bothering factor in their life. Although they try to hide such feelings but at the end of the day, they burst into tears.

I know listening to others is not easy, but you have to understand that any good deed was never easy. A human is capable of understanding other humans only if the bond of humanity is strong enough. It requires a selfless heart and a sincere soul to listen to others because once you give your time to others, it’s not a small deal.

Understand that if you listen to someone, you lessen the burden of that person. You never know what the other person is going through, but you realise that there is some kind of pain inside that’s eating him away. Talk to that person before it’s too late.

In such moments, you have to act smartly. Make sure you approach the upset person at a suitable time and use soft words. Your presence must be a relief for others, and that’s a sign of having an upright character. Your morality must be attractive enough that people can easily come and talk to you. This will create a healthy society, and there will be fewer people suffering from mental diseases.



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