I Found God!

The phase of becoming unemployed from being employed is one of the hardest to pass.

Abdul Aziz Khan
5 min readAug 24, 2021
Photo by Alex Smith from Pexels

I was then a fresh grad with the newly born addiction of financial independence. Easy hiring, favourite job, satisfying money, what more a deluded guy would want? People often say that life after education is harder. I smirked at them not because they were fooled but because God wanted to test me that way.

I never came out of my comfort zone. All those years, I was a freak who never valued time and money. Graduation was not part of my vision either, but that was too late to realise (a talk for later). My friends, although, were blessings in disguise. We used to discuss something bigger that apparently looked like a wastage of time. We still do that, but with purpose. The world, well, my lenses were poisoned, my mind was numb, and my heart was blind at that time to see what actually goes in this cruelly unbiased world.

One day, the unfortunate happened. My workplace was closed due to reasons untold. There were employees though that day, but all of them were dull and grey. I was one of them, the most junior one you can say. And the morning brought nothing but dismay. (The rhyming tone is partially intentional).

Photo by Jean-Daniel Francoeur from Pexels

I got back home, feeling a pressure I never felt before. It was just a few months, and everything was turning upside down. I was lost in myself, but I avoided depression thanks to my friends, with whom I discussed the situation. That day, I still remember, was the start of February and a turning point of my spiritual life.

The religious obligations are there, no doubt, but one must be spiritually connected to God for the Divine support 24/7. I began to realise the favours God had bestowed upon me, and I accepted my fate that day as His decree. Here, I also want to mention that people who face such misfortune or bigger ones should accept the reality. A loss is a loss but a reward in eternity.

The biggest shock I felt that evening was there would be no more financial independence for me. The little money I had saved will be gone tomorrow. I won’t starve to death, but the luxuries and freedom will end. I also planned to go on a tour in the upcoming month, but the situation made me almost broke. But the whisper of the silence told me about the change of plans.

The same week, I contacted multiple tourism agencies, but their package was out of my range. I with my friend sat at a café and discussed the itinerary. I never discussed my situation with anyone except God (who already knows everything; a beautiful irony). The pressure of budget plus the tension of employment were eating my peace like the termites. But everything was motivating me to leave the city for a few days; I didn’t know why.

The next day, I checked my saving and arranged money. It was sufficient for a moderate 2-day tour. We booked the tickets and packed some necessary stuff. The date of departure came, and I said goodbye to my family.

The travelling was of a day, and during those 24 hours, I got calls from different companies. I didn’t believe what’s happening, but it’s part of His plan. I attended every call and fixed meetings after a few days. I told them that I was out of town. Emails, messages, it was like a barrage of opportunities.

The day ended, and we were almost there. After some rest, we had a journey of a few more hours, and I literally felt the pressure fading away. There was an attraction that brought me closer to nature and away from the mundane comfort. I saw mountaineers, aged but strong men, and kids with the ever-happy smile. Even the rocks and trees were spreading an aura of delight in the area.

Soon, we put on warm clothes and headed towards the miraculous creation of God.

Malam Jabba, Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Province, Northwestern region of Pakistan

The snowy mountain, frozen jungle, and the snowflakes, I found God in them. Apparently, the mountain was crowded, but when we went on the top through the chair lift, there was plenty of space. This experience told me that

No matter how many people are there at a place, you shall get your share according to your competency.

The snowy top of the mountain was turned into a frictionless icy surface due to excessive steps. I stumbled, fell down, got up, again slipped but eventually made it there with some help. This told me that

If you keep on moving despite the hindrances, you will reach there in time.

Ushu Valley, Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Province, Northwestern region of Pakistan

While roaming in the rich green valley, I saw a wild yak there (couldn’t capture it), all alone in the wilderness, grazing. This told me that

Whoever you are, wherever you are, you will get the sustenance that’s written in your fate.

And while on the way back, I found giant rocks bigger than the agency’s Grand Cabin resting on the mountainous road. On asking, the driver said that due to land sliding, sometimes the rocks slide down and fall here and there mercilessly. This told me that

It doesn’t matter what place or time is it. If your death is ordered, it shall come and take you.

I returned home safe & sound with a different energy. I received a singular and a more realistic perspective of the world. Got a job not from those companies, but in a better one. And from that tour, I bridged the spiritual gap with a thick bond of faith and guidance.



Abdul Aziz Khan

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