Judging Others Can Kill You!

The antagonistic habit of judging others can make you the culprit on Accountability Day.

Abdul Aziz Khan
4 min readJul 26, 2021
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We judge others unknowingly even though we are aware that it’s not a good habit. But do you know why we still do that?

A habit is in the control of the subconscious mind. We have no control over our habits, we just run them differently. The habits are infused in our minds by analysing the surrounding. A child who was born innocent observes what’s happening around him. When he sees that his parents, let alone strangers, are judging other people every other day, then he makes judging others one of the habits. Therefore it’s proved that we are not judgmental by birth; it’s the environment that makes us do this.

Why Not to Judge Others?

First, there is nothing good in judging others. All the consequences will be upon the one who judges. Secondly, we, as humans, have no right to judge others. Only the One who is All-Wise, All-Hearing, the perfect Divinity can judge.

Assume that you know a person who does fraud. One day you hear that there is a case of counterfeit in your neighbourhood and according to customs, the victim and the suspect are to be judged in a local court. You go to the court hall, and suddenly, you stop believing your eyes because the same person who is famous for doing fraud is now judging this very case. How would you react other than feeling awful?

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The same happens in our lives. We like to judge others, forgetting the fact that such crimes could be committed by us too. Regardless of how pious one is, still, humans do make mistakes. That’s why the best of those who make mistakes are the ones who repent often.

What’s Wrong in Judging Others?

Reread the title. Things are worse than that, seriously! When you judge others, you act like being divine. It’s not your responsibility to judge others; still, you do that. And I’ve seen people who have passed good years of their life, they still can’t keep them from judging others.

If you think it’s just a habit, then let me tell you that the one who judges others struggles to find happiness till death. That’s how grave this spiritual cancer is!

I sometimes think about how people are so worried about others’ affairs. It’s like have they completed their purpose of life? Or are they done doing with their own affairs with the Almighty? So naïve!


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Before ending the topic, here’s the biggest problem associated with judging others. There is a concept of Repentance. If you commit a sin and ask forgiveness by trying not to commit that sin again, you repent. And the Benevolent & Merciful shall forgive you. You just have to repent with a sincere heart.

Now, think that you know a guy who stole some money a few years back. Unluckily he got caught and served some time in jail. Even the bruises on his face are prominent to date. You are sitting with friends at a café, and outta nowhere, one of your friends brings that guy’s case up. Suddenly, you all begin to bash that guy’s reputation by mocking him (that’s wrong too), and you say, “that man is all grown up now, but he will remain a thief. That guy is a born thief! If there ever happens a robbery, catch that guy without a second thought! *laughs *.”

What if that guy has repented? Just think for a moment that when your friends reach their homes and discuss this with their family and relatives, do you think you will be saved then? If you judge a person who has repented, you become the culprit in the Divine Law. And such a minor mistake can cost you dearly in the afterlife. That’s how wrong judging others is.

If you have the habit of judging others, try to correct yourself from today. I know it’s not a one-day task, but the reward is of having pure intention in striving for betterment.



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