Judging Others Can Kill You!

The antagonistic habit of judging others can make you the culprit on Accountability Day.

Picture Credits: Team Jesus Magazine

Why Not to Judge Others?

First, there is nothing good in judging others. All the consequences will be upon the one who judges. Secondly, we, as humans, have no right to judge others. Only the One who is All-Wise, All-Hearing, the perfect Divinity can judge.

Picture Credits: Max Connections

What’s Wrong in Judging Others?

Reread the title. Things are worse than that, seriously! When you judge others, you act like being divine. It’s not your responsibility to judge others; still, you do that. And I’ve seen people who have passed good years of their life, they still can’t keep them from judging others.


Picture Credits: The Siasat Daily



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Abdul Aziz Khan

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