Let Me Tell You How Can You Find Your Hidden Talent

There is literally no one but you who can find that God-gifted talent hidden inside you.

Abdul Aziz Khan
4 min readAug 26, 2021
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If you count the blessings of God, and even if you get infinite time to live, you shall never thank Him even for the smallest of favours He has done. From the Divine blessings, one of the most underrated gifts God has given us is talent, aka the hidden talent. I think there is a reason beyond our ability to understand behind hiding that talent inside us.

I believe that talent is kept hidden so that we can look deep inside ourselves and discover our worth that’s defined by God. But unfortunately, a large portion of people don’t know their hidden talents, and they spend their whole lives like that. And the undiscovered talent is buried in the ground with them in the end.

Every one of us is capable of doing wonders. The capability to do it is there, but it needs some kind of tool to work. And when we talk about that tool, it’s about the hidden talent. With that talent of yours, you become capable of influencing the whole world. But why is not that happening?

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If you think that you haven’t revealed your talent yet, then wait a bit longer because no one is going to do that for you. There’s a trend that you pay a career consultant or talk to a mentor or a life coach, believing that they will tell you what’s your hidden talent. Stop right there. That’s the wrong belief! The talent is yours, and God Himself gave you that talent. How can they know what’s inside you? They are mere humans just like you who came to this world before you.

The consultant and mentors give you multiple channels through which you can find your hidden talent. But in the end, it’s you who have to work on yourself and unleash the real power.

To find your hidden talent, I’d be sharing 4 tips with a constant example that will help you for a better understanding.


Keep your mind at ease as your talent is a realistic one. Don’t think that it’s about flying in the air, and while discovering your talent, you take a leap of faith from a 6-storey yelling “TALEEEENTTT!” and end up on the ventilator. The talent may look like an ordinary one, and just because of that, people don’t believe in hidden talents.

Example: Let’s say writing is your hidden talent. It looks like an ordinary talent because right now, you know many writers out there. But you never know who is a gifted writer and who is not. That’s why stop listening to people who act as thorns on your way.


The chances are high that your talent may be similar to others, and there is nothing to worry about. What matters is how much you own your hidden talent and work on it. It’s the character of yours and the quality you express through your talent that matters.

Example: Your talent of writing looks the same as of other authors and publishers who are no more in this world. But in reality, the quality of your writing is the game-changer. With the limited words available in English literature, you share your thoughts in a whole different context while another who uses the same vocabulary expresses other opinions. That’s the quality of a writer.


That talent becomes a prominent part of your personality. You become famous for it in your close circle. People come to you and ask to work on a particular skill set that’s been given to you as a talent. You receive recognition for your talent.

Example: This is all because, in people’s minds, they perceive you as a writer. They will ask you to guide them, be their mentor, and share tips on how to become an effective writer.


You strive hard to progress in your talent’s domain. I’m talking about the career that resonates with your talent. You will realise soon that what you are striving for is actually giving you pleasure. You are not getting tired of working on your talent.

Also, you will become conscious of the people who are not following their talent. You will be worried for them. And if your intentions are pure, you will soon start utilising your talent for the betterment of humanity.

Example: While writing, your brain never stops giving you whole new ideas. You never feel bored. Through your words, you share a feeling of empathy and love. No matter how advanced the AI or any other technology becomes, they will never beat the creativity of a writer.

While you are on the way to realising your talent, you will feel the vibe of a positive attitude. Your spirit or the inner voice will tell you if you are on the right path. Only you will feel the highest level of satisfaction while discovering your talent. And once the talent is disclosed, you will get a whole new concept for your life.



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