ok, that's true now that there are people who consider Ataturk as one of the best leaders in the Turkish history. That's how media plays with the mind.

Ataturk no doubt was a leader. But the damage he had done to the Turkish religious community, the Islamic establishment, the core Turkish cultural values, and the rights of Muslims is irreversible.

His anti-Islamic approach (sugarcoated as Modernization) shrunk the infrastructure of Turkey. The cruel dictatorship and severing of Islamic values as the top most priority of any Islamic State were the decisions he is reviled even today.

Also, after the death of Mustafa Kemal and and during his burial, there was an event happened the media won't never show!



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Abdul Aziz Khan

MISSION14 LTD. | Engineering, Vision, & Wisdom. Passionately writes what’s worth writing. Loves to understand the silence under the sky & light in the darkness.