Optimise Yourself During 9–6

If you don’t enjoy the professional 9–6 clock despite working what you love, try these little hacks to optimise your routine.

Abdul Aziz Khan
5 min readJul 16, 2021

Working 9 straight hours has been a general practice by the job-doing class in the city where I live. When I came here, I was stunned to see how people have become robots who give their 9 most productive hours to the person who is a bit wealthier than them. That’s the first drawback I felt, but with time, I realised that doing a job has become a necessity for some, a culture for others, but a trend for the majority.

Let me be true; I’m also working for a company because I found my vision getting aligned with the career I chose here. As a matter of reality, I’ve seen people doing jobs they don’t enjoy. Apart from the exceptions, I mean, why are you even doing such a job that doesn’t even give you joy, let alone peace and satisfaction. The debate on earning money is another thing, but I believe anyone who is enjoying his/her work and getting paid for it is the winner.

Before moving on the topic, here’s today’s wisdom:

Everyone knows the true peace comes from the remembrance of God. The food of the soul. Spiritual nutrition that gives ease to the hearts.

If we work considering the guidelines told by Him, and if we are mindful of the accountability, only then we can enjoy the real indulgence in our work.

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Let’s Begin the Day

Waking up before sunrise gives you more than 2 hours before leaving for work. In that time, you can start the optimisation by waking up early and quickly charging up your body. There are multiple ways like:

· Walking

· Jogging

· Freehand exercise

· Moderate workout

· Cardio

· Meditation/Yoga

Then never miss the shower and the breakfast. Your breakfast must be your healthiest meal of the day. Intake protein + carbs + glucose. That will give you a plethora of energy till midday.

Watch the clock. You still have 30mins or more to leave for work. Calm yourself and prepare well. It’s time to leave the house now.

The Office

Say Hi to your colleagues and, of course, to the Sun. It’s a good practice to check out the weather. This will prepare you mentally, emotionally, and physically for the coming 9 hours.

Don’t panic! I’m still with you.

The earliest thing you should do is to follow a Daily Goal setting approach. Write your daily professional goals and set a priority list. This is one of the best optimisation techniques experts have suggested, and I also follow the same method.

Take frequent breaks, like after an hour, and check out what’s happening around you. Make sure you don’t invade anyone’s privacy. This will hurt your reputation. Spread positive vibes while you can.

Lunch Time

It’s my best part. After 4–5 hours of working, it’s time to have lunch. You are smart enough to know what’s better for you for lunch and also I’m not in a mood to recommend foods for lunch. Let’s leave it for some other day!

It’s imperative to take time while eating lunch. Regardless of how tough your day is going, you have to calm your mind and body while doing lunch. Else the 2nd half could be more miserable!

Siesta — The Important Part

After lunch, do take a nap. During 1–2 PM, our brain asks to have some rest. The siesta is the best way to recharge your brain and body. Also, it’s been the practice of the Last Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings be Upon Him) to take a nap after the midday meal.

The 2nd Half

*whistle blows*

You will see that your priority tasks are almost done, and you have ample time to deal with the rest of the stuff. You can elongate your break (of course, if no one minds) by finding any healthy activity.

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Move your eyes away from the screen and find something like Foosball (Table Football), Table Tennis, Darts, Carrom, or UNO, if they are available at your workplace. I’ll recommend not to play chess because it will drain your brain’s remaining energy. Any game that requires the least amount of mental power can be your choice.

If you are of my type, start a healthy discussion. Throw a topic regarding spirituality, knowledge, research, history; share whatever you can that is prolific. By doing this, you can learn different perspectives and gain knowledge without any cost.

NOTE: Make sure you don’t indulge too much in the discussion because this will eat away your time as well!

The Final Hours

I hope you are free from work before 6. That’s good, and it will go on as you follow such kind of optimisation in your professional routine. At this time, you can check out the news, social media, e-mails, DMs, whatever.

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Why I’m Telling You This?

I don’t follow the exact same routine, but I’m quite close to following this routine. The reason why I’m telling you this is I actually don’t like the non-stop 9 hours of working away from your home. The majority of the people work from 9 in the morning to sunset at 6. The remaining hours before you hit the bed, your energy doesn’t allow you to give time to your beloved ones. You lack productivity because you don’t want to read a book or do something that you love to do because you have given your best to your employer.

The saddest part is we gradually lose track of our actual path; The Divine Mission, which refers to have a character that is pure and selfless. The total surrender to the will of Almighty. We least bother ourselves having thought about this while we are at work.

The 9–6 routine makes us selfish. It makes us think only about ourselves and our immediate family. It’s okay to care for the family, but it’s not the purpose we have been sent to this world.

Before closing, I also saw a misfortune that people who spend a big part of their life doing a job cease to comprehend the wisdom behind God’s decrees. Their emotional balance gets disturbed and eventually making them decide poorly. And the consequence, well, it’s the weak relationship with the children, spouse, and the community that goes for a lifetime one can’t even expect.

I know this will raise so many questions. That’s why in my upcoming blogs, you will find why business has priority over the job.



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