The 2 Cs for Every Writer Out There

Writing requires patience to show its colours. The unstoppable effort one makes through writing is possible by following these 2 Cs of magic.

Abdul Aziz Khan
3 min readAug 13, 2021
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Since everyone shares different opinions behind tips for successful writing, I think that apart from those tips, there are two most pertinent aspects every writer must inculcate in their write-ups.

It doesn’t matter if you just stepped in the universe of words or you’ve been struggling for long but not getting satisfaction, you will surely find the 2 Cs pretty helpful in the longer run.

When you publish a piece of writing, you take a sigh of relief. The grammar is fine, the title looks good, and readers are showing loyalty, but still, the results are not meeting your least of the expectations. You should know that grammar, title, headings, and niche are important, but there is another dimension that holds the leash of your writing’s magnitude.

I call them the 2 Cs in writing, i.e., Creativity & Consistency.

1. Creativity

Whatever you write, it must be born out of creativity. It’s human psychology that an ordinary piece of writing no more attracts the human. Even the simplest idea, you have to embed creativity in it and build inspiring content to get positive feedback.

Suppose you wanna sell hooded blankets online for the upcoming winter. You have the content, and you know what to do. Now set the context creatively to catch the readers’ attention. From the expert suggestions, there are 4 ways you can be creative and sell whatever you want at the same time.

- Tell a story (real/made up)

- Amuse the audience (humour)

- Aware & inform the audience (authentic facts)

- Intimidate the audience (negative consequences)

Write to let your audience relate to their everyday life so that they can find value in your content.

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2. Consistency

Whenever you write, write consistently. Keep in mind that consistently writing doesn’t mean to write daily, 7 days a week. If you write every day, then skipping even one day can affect your numbers a lot.

Consistency in writing is to regularly upload unique content for your audience. If you publish 2 articles per week, well and good. Keep doing that until you realise that it’s time to increase the frequency of articles per week. If you write 3 blogs in a month, be consistent in that. The main factor is the value your readers look for in your writing. If they don’t find anything relevant in your blogs, you better know how easily humans are replaced because of value!

You have the option only to increase the limit of production for better results. Else the balance of consistency would be lost, and your stats may get a drastic change.

Therefore, make sure you follow the 2 Cs in writing, or I must say, in the whole field of content creation for improved results. Paste these 2 Cs at your desk for a better approach because once you sit and start writing, you won’t forget that you have to be creative and consistent forever & ever!



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