The Balance We All Need

Same 24hrs but not everyone is happy with their life.

Abdul Aziz Khan
4 min readNov 23, 2021
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There was, is, and will be no person in this world who sees every other day as a courier bringing happiness. Understand the concept of the opposites that if there was no sadness, there wouldn’t be any happiness. If you realise this concept from the core of your heart, things shall seldom bother you again. And to make life easy, first, we have to understand

It’s not that easy either because of our corrupt belief system. Since our upbringing, we have been conditioned to only look for the bright side and never blink an eye towards the chaos, even on an individual level. Whenever something bad happens, our hands start to sweat, and in the next moment, we begin to doubt our existence. That triggers our emotions and we start losing ourselves, allowing the self-esteem to hit the floor.

This happens when you train a kid to be the wealthiest and strongest among all the kids in the world. When you develop him in a luxurious homeland, keeping him blind towards the balance this world asks to have. While in reality, it should’ve been like this:

A kid with a strong character, shrewd mindset, balanced emotions, and wise decision-making.

Unfortunately, in such a chaotic lifestyle, we go astray on the right path that tells us to keep balance in life.

What’s the Balance in Life?

The balance that optimises the 24hrs we all have been given. I know the truth hits differently, but most of our time is spent making money. The most active hours, from the sunrise to the sunset, the majority of us invests those hours in making money which is not the actual purpose of life. Making money has nothing wrong. But if we direct that money for a purpose, then it would never make us depressed.

Financial Stability

So the first balance we all need to have is financial stability. And money earned without a sound purpose is not going to make you financially stable. You will run behind money but never satiate your thirst for more. Once you find the direction where to invest your money, you will then start investing your time in more productive activities because then, money will run behind you.

Tip: Doing a job doesn’t make you financially stable. Your priorities will never change until you free yourself from the shackles of 9–6. Bring the balance by starting your own business.


Seek knowledge smartly but unstoppably. Be a polymath if that’s possible for you. Financially stable and having sound knowledge make you eligible to stand on your own. The best knowledge you can get is the knowledge from The Divine: The Holy Qura’an. It has all the answers, all the remedies, and it’s timeless. Learn the religion and adapt its values in your life so that you can do justice with the knowledge you possess. And once you are competent enough to practice it, it’s now your responsibility to spread the good.

Tip: Be humble after knowing things. Only then you can be empathetic enough to save others from the consequences you have been shown during your pursuance of knowledge.


Keep a balance in your relationships: Spiritual (The One and you), Personal (Family), Social (Friends & Strangers), and Professional (Workplace). Once you realise the purpose behind money, you will start investing time in other improvements. And the best of the investments is the time invested in self-improvement. When the subtleness of the purpose behind earning money becomes clear, you equip yourself with the knowledge that synchronises with your relationships. You no longer get confused in making a decision regardless of its scale. And that’s how your relationships become balanced.

Tip: Give a balanced share of time to your relationships. Spiritual and Personal relationships are the priority, while Social and Professional relationships are not.


While you put the effort in balancing your equation of life, your character subconsciously gets moulded into the best version of yourself. You only have to keep the balance consistent throughout your life. You don’t run for money anymore because you now have a vision to fulfil, not your bank account. You are continuously improving your competency by acquiring knowledge and teaching others. Your relationships are more sound than ever. And ultimately, you have the character that fears God.

Tip: Your character is never disclosed (that’s a blessing) until you intend to do so. Always introspect and avoid activities and habits that contaminate your character. It’s in your hand.

You should’ve realised by now the gravity of the situation. No one knows who is in deep water. It’s the game that’s played on a personal level. Every human being wants that balance, but due to a lack of faith and wisdom, people fail to follow the priorities. They want something but do something else.

While you have still time, try to adjust your priorities without losing your quality of relationships. Be mindful that after The Almighty, it’s only you who can repair the damage.



Abdul Aziz Khan

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