When to Choose Intellect & When to Choose Emotion?

A battle inside you that won’t gonna end before you die.

Photo by Syed Hasan Mehdi from Pexels

1. Emotion

2. Intellect

You have noted in the leadership seminars and other related workshops that a leader is intellectually and emotionally sound. It’s true, but the usage of these powers decides whether a person becomes the hero or the villain at the end. And the consistent outcome of this battle decides your fate.

Why I Call it the Battle?

Because it’s between the two powers, and one power tries to dominate the other. The special thing about this battle is there is no tie. You will have a result every time. If we consider the ideal approach, everyone wants to win the battles without any kind of loss.

Photo by Vijay Sadasivuni from Pexels

What Should You Do in This Never-Ending Battle?

You have faced many similar battles in the past and saw the results. I am optimistic about the life you are living. Just like this battle has no end before death, psychologists are continuously doing research on this topic. So far, the most helpful conclusion drawn is this:

Final Thoughts

At individual level, the emotional faculty plays the biggest role. Your emotions will directly affect every decision at this level. You may never feel it consciously, but it spreads an aura sourced from your existence. When you collectively gather other entities, the intellect will participate more actively than before.



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