Why Helping Others Feels Great?

One of the spiritual signs that unites humanity together. The message is 1,400+ years old and eternal!

Abdul Aziz Khan
3 min readNov 16, 2021
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It’s the by-default internal chemistry of humans that whenever we help others, we feel happy. There are, of course, reasons related to neural behaviour, but there is something beyond, specifically in the spiritual paradigm. This fact gives us a clear message that if we are living on this earth, there are several purposes attached to our existence.

Capable of Helping Others

If you are reading this, you must have experienced that when you accomplish a task, you feel happy. Regardless of the magnitude of the task, there is some sort of happiness attached at the end of the string.

Similarly, one of the purposes of a human’s sound ideology is to serve other humans. That service can be in any form. Even if you pass a smile to a stranger (with pure intention of course!), you help that person in making his mood better. Also, giving a smile to someone is an act of charity. Therefore, when you help someone, you feel happy because it’s a purpose to be fulfilled. And if you think from a global perspective, there is so much lacking of people helping others with selfless intent.

If we all start helping other fellow humans, we won’t be seeing any kind of poverty, hunger, injustice, unemployment, and chaos.

Magnitude of Help

Example–No matter in what position I am in, there will be someone living in worse conditions than mine.

Broaden your perception, and you will see that not every wealthy person is happy, nor every poor one is anxious. It is advised that whenever you feel depressed, consider your fellow humans who are living with fewer resources than you possess. And it’s a blessing in disguise. You have more than others, you are blessed. Pretty straightforward, isn’t it?

But there is something more beyond having those possessions. You are so blessed that God chose you as a source to help other people.

The mundane attractions make you feel that you are the sole owner of what you possess today. Wrong! Today, that car is yours. Tomorrow, either you won’t be here, or the car will be gone. That’s why people with corrupt philosophies run behind possessions. They become so addicted to temporary pleasure that they forget the real purpose of life.

To correct such viewpoint, we’ve been taught that

The act of helping others doesn’t depend on how much one gives. It depends on how much one saves.

Helping Others Doesn’t Feel Good. It Feels Great!

This philosophy is true. Every divine chemistry that connects our spiritual existence with the Almighty makes us happy. You can feel good when you achieve something. But that happiness won’t last long. Once you put effort into the divine cause, you will apparently suffer, but the peace you will get, the overwhelming joy you will receive, you will then start observing the clear picture of this world and the true meaning of great happiness.



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