Why Oceans Aren’t Explored Completely?

Oceans are full of mysteries and amazing treasures, but it’s not that easy to explore such kind of oceanic depths.

Picture Credits: Euronews

1. Pressure

No rocket science, no postgraduate Physics! The more you go deep piercing some amount of pressure, the same pressure will be exerted on you.

Picture Credits: Quora

2. Data

We don’t have enough data to explore the depths of the ocean. Underwater devices and vehicles are available, but the main issue is due to the underwater environment. Since no light is there, the oceanic depths are unmapped and unseen. If one wants to go there or send some kind of torpedo or vehicle, the chances are to get a poor result because of the unobserved condition of deep oceanic currents.

Picture Credits: BBC

3. Excuses

When you don’t know something, you are afraid of it. The same happens when we talk about unlocking the mysteries of the oceans in front of investors. The government, the wealthiest body of any state, refuses to fund the oceanic projects because, again, it doesn’t know what’s there to explore, and that’s why governmental bodies are afraid to take the risk.



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