Why People Write?

Not in writing, but in every action, there must have a legitimate Why. Else, the effort is wasted!

Abdul Aziz Khan
5 min readAug 20, 2021
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If you ever feel confused before doing anything, ask yourself the Why behind doing that thing. The confusion will never bother you again. That question will either allow you or forbid you from doing that thing. There won’t be an in-between situation.

It’s Friday, and I don’t go for any particular topic on Fridays. I believe in my soundness in the reason behind writing. But today, while scrolling through my social media feed, a curiosity pinged me regarding why people write?

I love the difference of opinion, and I’d like to hear from you why do you write.

I’m sorry, but not sorry if I made you confused. I don’t want you to go hard on yourself because it’s okay if you don’t have any reason to write. People do a lot of stuff without any reason, don’t they? There’s nothing bad for health in doing so, and that’s why people with experience have stopped criticising us for doing meaningless things just because there’s no instant harm.

It’s a sad reality that if something is harmful to our physical health, our elders and friends will stop us from doing that thing only. What about spiritual health? The disobedience of the Divine law?

Purpose Behind Writing

Well, I wrote earlier that there’s nothing bad if you don’t know why do you write. But there’s nothing good too in that.

If you are living a purposeful life, then your every action must have a sound reason.

A lot of people write to fill their bank accounts, while others write to fulfil their hearts. Writing is bigger than a job. It’s an art, and I don’t hesitate in admitting that writers are artists.

Whether you write for academics, online products, health, real estate, clothing, spirituality, or politics, you must have at least one reason behind writing. And if you are struggling to find that reason, I’m sharing some of the top reasons why people write. Do mind that the list is pretty limited, and you can share your why behind writing in the response box.

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To Bring Change

You write because you have seen something intolerably bad in society, and you want to change it. You choose to write about it and spread awareness so that people can know what’s wrong around them and pay heed to the betterment of society by following your words.

Space for Creativity

You believe that writing is quite open-ended, and you can pen down nothing but your own thoughts to create something creative. From the combination of meaningful words, you use your mind and heart and fill a blank paper with something valuable for yourself and others.

To Help Others

You help others by writing on common issues. You share your experience or whatever you have learnt so far with the intention that if people read and implement your words, they might get help.

To Keep the Brain Active

When you think before writing anything, you keep your brain busy. It’s a good practice to keep your brain away from getting rusted and occupied by negative thoughts. Writing broadens the mind and provides chances to go deeper into the ocean of thoughts.

To Gain Recognition

You write to enhance your reputation and gain recognition. Although it’s a human trait that at a certain level of maturity, people need recognition on whatever they do. When people write, they write so that people can have a picture of them as a writer.

For Enjoyment

You enjoy writing on anything that suits you. Whenever you get free time, you write. Call it a hobby because when you don’t write, you think about what to write in your next break. You brainstorm and make a draft for your future write-up in your leisure time.

For Your Children

You love your children and write for them. Poems, stories, dialogues, anything for them. This passion doesn’t end because when they no more remain kids, you write pieces of advice for them that are sourced from your experience.

Because Others Say You Can Write

Sometimes others’ feedback can mean you a lot. Even though you didn’t believe in your writing capability before, once you hear someone appraising your writing skills, you become motivated and start writing.

To Spread Knowledge & Education

Writers know how to see the world from different angles, but this is not the case with everyone. They are aware of the people’s psyche, and that’s why they struggle to spread whatever knowledge they possess and educate people with the power of words.

To Make Money

You write to make money. This reason has no problem unless you find out that you are getting only some money for writing. While your spirit fights you daily to stop doing what doesn’t’ give you happiness and peace, you suffer while writing because you don’t enjoy writing.

To Connect for Better Opportunity

You write so that interested people can hear your voice and give you a helping hand. Those people make your journey towards your goal easier. You seek better opportunities as a writer, but your purpose is quite bigger than this. These opportunities will act as a catalyst in fulfilling your purpose in life.

People who seek money in writing often fail miserably. I know making money by writing is not an easy job, but if you really love writing, then you must remain consistent so that one day you will lead your readers, and money will follow you wherever you go.

Since writers work really hard in putting their thoughts into words, they want their readers to understand the meaning hidden in those words. The cherry on the top is when the readers understand that text and start implementing whatever is written by that writer. This is considered to be a huge success for the writers.



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