Why Should We Respect Others?

Our elders were born before us; that’s not the only reason behind respecting someone.

Abdul Aziz Khan
4 min readJul 9, 2021

Did you ever reflect on this? Why are we told to respect others?

In my childhood, I was taught that respect the elders. I wasn’t mature enough, also not brave enough to ask why I should do that. And the misconception began to grow that if you know someone and that person is older than you, you gotta respect him, or her. If someone looks older than you and not known to you, respect him. Sounds simple, right?

Let me tell you where’s the problem in this thought build-up.

When you are comparing respect against being old, you are missing the point. It’s good to respect your elders, but it’s not good to only respect your elders.

Do we respect the elders just because they stepped on this earth before us? How in this world can this be a logical answer?

The Meaning of Respect

To know the true meaning of respect, we must take a look at a short part of pre-human history. That part of history where no humans existed, only the spiritual existence was there.

Everyone knows who the first-ever human being is. That’s right, the father of all humans, Adam (blessings on him). Angels, the dignified creature, were told to pay tribute to Adam in heaven because he has more knowledge, more authority, is going to establish the human lineage, and his sons will carry the divine mission and the light of guidance till the Day of Judgement.

Picture Credits: Human Life International®

So, angels respected us on the order of God. Also, humans are the best creation of God. That’s why every human is respectable, regardless of age, colour, creed, nation, religion, and race.

Now, as you see, there is no reason left not to respect humans. If you are on bad terms with someone, don’t stop respecting that person. This shows that you still value him because he is the best creation of God. This also shows that the mundane relations cannot overshadow the true spiritual connection of us with the One.

If you have understood the why behind giving respect, you should consider respecting every human from today. There is no cost in respecting someone. And if you think that your ego is the cost, then dear, kindly ponder once again that our origin is the same. There ultimately is no difference among us. We are the droplets of the same ocean. Why discriminate when our existence is due to the same cause?

There is something more beyond respecting humans. I learned this concept after observing the tiniest and the greatest creation so far. Learn to respect everything that has been created for you. The water, the soil, the wood, the air, moon, stars, sun … everything that connects you with its Creator.

If you think that it’s bizarre to respect the non-living, you have to understand that being human, we are not even capable enough to grow a plant, let alone eat the fruit it provides. The plantation is a complex process and everything that we take for granted plays a respective role in nurturing a plant. Without air, soil, and water, it’s impossible to grow a plant. And this whole system has been designed for us, the humans, in the best way.

How to Respect?

First, the humans.

I know it’s a challenge, but you have to respect humans. You can do that by listening to whatever they have to say. You must be emotionally strong enough to listen not to respond but to understand. And also,

- Be honest with everyone

- Care without demanding anything return

- Forgive whenever you can, but don’t forget

- Share what’s worth sharing with people

- Invite them in your gatherings

- Attend others’ invitation

The list is never-ending, but let’s end it here for now. Once you start realising how respecting others is making a difference, you will enjoy the reward of peace, prosperity, and respect.



Abdul Aziz Khan

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