Why Turning 40 is a Big Achievement?

Abdul Aziz Khan
4 min readJul 5, 2021

Sounds bizarre, right? Well, it is because there are things which we can’t interpret until one day they are disclosed to us. Turning 40 is one of the wisdom-full significance in human life, and having a few years left until I turn 40, I’ll tell you why turning 40 is considered a badge of honour.

You must be wondering how I can share such insight of which I’m not yet eligible. With all pure intentions, let me tell you that it’s not about being eligible, it’s all about being mindful and visionary. And also,

Before jumping on the topic, there is a preface that needs to be understood to have an easy grip on the content.


After reading this blog, you will feel a large void between the wisdom behind turning 40 and the person of today.

There are people who become sagacious before turning 40, and their intellect becomes fully mature. This population is quite rare. While on the contrary, you will see a good majority of people who have amazingly crossed 40 but unfortunately, you can’t call them wise people.


It may be because of genetics (the mother more likely transfers the emotion & intellect to the kids), environmental influence, mentorship, trauma, or ignorance.

So, keep this in mind once you finish reading this blog.

Now, without further fuss, let’s move on to the topic.

The Wisdom Behind Turning 40

When you hit the 40th year of your life, you become so rich in intellect, understanding, and patience that your decisions become highly mature without any chance of dissension. This piece of wisdom was provided by the famous Syrian historian and exegete of the 14th century Ibn Al Kathir (ابن كثير).

If you are figuring out what Ibn Kathir wanted to say, let me assist you in that.

Intellectually Mature

Your cognitive skills get enhanced, and you start thinking more maturely than ever before. Your reasoning becomes a permanent part of your thought process, which means that you think more and support your answer with logical justification every time there occurs a discussion.

After becoming 40 years old, your decision-making becomes rational, and you start believing in yourself more than anyone else. The main advantage of being intellectually mature is that your mind becomes broad, and you now have the strength to accept criticism, tolerate injustice, and think with focus. Your self-esteem now touches the sky because of the confidence you have gained in the past, making you face your fears without any fear.

Mature Understanding

Once your intellect has grown rich, your power of understanding becomes more stable. Your behaviour becomes more empathetic, and now you understand life in a better way. The grief & regret of the past and worry of the future don’t concern you anymore because you have now understood that the hereafter is the final destination. Therefore, you start preparing for the afterlife, ignoring all the mundane attachment and pleasure.

You start following a minimalist life, where you follow the approach of Less is More. You now don’t have any interest in the luxury of this world. The only thing that you care about is the meeting with your Creator and the phase of accountability in front of Him.


Once a wise man said,

Deep inside, at the core of the heart, people know this mantra, but they can’t realise it due to a lack of patience. Once patience is developed, you become a powerful entity. And the chances are very high that once you reach your 40s, your patience will be impressive.

The patience of a 40 years old person is strong enough to deal with personal and professional life altogether without making any blunder.

You must be thinking that today’s people who are 40 and above are pathetic. They don’t even know what patience means. But the insight of Ibn Kathir had deep meanings. And the most influential part of this topic is validated by the fact that the best man the world has ever seen, the final prophet of the Muslims, Muhammad (may peace & blessings be upon him), received his first-ever revelation from the Almighty at 40 years of age. This means that once you reach your 40s, you are now ready to intellectually solve matters, understand complexities, and be patient.

Final Thoughts

As now you have understood what’s so special about hitting the 40th year of life, you will now be more focused and cautious about life. With every step you take towards eternity, your perspective about life will become gradually mature, and you will start spreading the secret of intellect, understanding, and patience with the people around you.



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